Monday, March 21, 2005


No Pokies 4 Coober Pedy

Around 60 people attended a meeting in the Coober Pedy Greek Hall tonight (March 21) to hear No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon update the progress of the No Pokies 4 Coober Pedy Campaign, and launch the website. This was his second visit; the first time he attracted only 40.
Channel 7 was there filming for news on March 22.
It's a bit difficult to bring up the website on the internet at this stage.
The URL is
If you type that into an MSN search bar you'll get a page saying they can't find it. But if you type it into a Google search bar you'll get a page that gives you a link to it and you click on that and you will get it. Hopefully MSN will catch up with Google soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Virgin Rainbow OFF Ebay!

In a Press Release, the agent for the sale of The Virgin Rainbow says:

"The Virgin Rainbow Belemnite Crystal Black Opal Ebay
website was delisted by Ebay management on Monday 7th
March just one week after it was launched. Was this
due to pressure put on Ebay by Virgin Enterprises Ltd?

On Monday March 7th Ebay delisted the Virgin Rainbow
pages citing the infringement of the link to the
Virgin Rainbow site as a reason. After being
challenged it was a restrictive trade practice
infringement in
Australia, they later changed that to a possible
breach of third party copyright or trade mark."

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Stranded in Coober Pedy with Cash Peters

The latest in celluloid on Coober Pedy: A Cash Peters Stranded (in Coober Pedy), one in a series of 18 on cable tv mid 2005.

On Dawn Jones' Wildlife Park

Dawn, Cash, and Coober Pedy's camera-man gopher Bobby Fuchs.
(Acknowledgement to Merv Richards, )

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