Monday, August 29, 2005


Umoona wants to be Dry

The District Council of Coober Pedy tonight voted to support the Umoona Community Council in their push to have the whole Umoona Council area (including private residences) alcohol free for twelve months.
The Mayor and Elected Members were addressed by representatives of the Umoona Council, and the Liquor Licensing Committee.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Gambling Counsellor for Coober Pedy Amended Statement

In issue No. 88, 19th August, the Coober Pedy News published a statement provided by the Department for Families and Communities concerning counselling for gamblers in Coober Pedy, and a comment made by Mr Kevin Woon regarding the statement.
The Senior Media Advisor for the Department has today issued a slightly amended statement:

Leeanne Head, Director, Community Connect within the Department for Families and Communities, said Coober Pedy was one of the DFC’s priority areas for extending problem gambling services.

“In addition to the Gambling Helpline – a 24-7 freecall phone counselling service for problem gamblers and their families across the State, the DFC is negotiating to establish gambling counselling in the Children Youth and Family Services office at Coober Pedy,” Ms Head said.

Previously, the Department provided an outreach gambling counselling service in Coober Pedy. It involved a counsellor, based in Whyalla, travelling weekly by air with the Royal Flying Doctors Service. This arrangement ended in 2001. In 2004, Nunkuwarrin Yunti problem gambling service staff visited Coober Pedy to conduct community education workshops for Aboriginal community workers to help them educate the community and raise awareness.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Old Chrysler

Passing through Coober Pedy en route Alice Springs, with the Adelaide Hills Motor Restorers Club, Les Johnson and friend Bob, in Les's Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia vehicle No. B35.
Les made a boo boo today so he has to wear the 'boo boo' hat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Quorum This Time

Four councillors attended the re-scheduled meeting. Business as usual.
But not for everyone - Councillor Harry Blobel was again not present, and again he did not tend an apology.
As an update, the following URL gives his mobile phone number:, which is 0407 711 942.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


No Quorum

The District Council of Coober Pedy General Meeting for the month of August, scheduled to be held tonight (Tues. Aug. 16) was postponed until tomorrow night because of a lack of a quorum.
After waiting the stipulated time, Mayor Baines announced that the meeting was cancelled, and that it was re-scheduled for tomorrow night.
Several ratepayers waiting for the meeting to start were told that they would be informed tomorrow if a quorum was not likely to be present that evening.
Of seven available councillors, only three were present: Mike Maylin, Paul Athanasiadis and Boro Rapaic.
Apologies had been received from Tina Doulgeris, Roanna Wardle and Rose Temple, but no apology came from Harry Blobel.
This is the second month in a row that Councillor Blobel has been absent without tendering an apology, and the third time this year.
Apparently the only way he can be contacted by council staff is by mobile phone. According to council staff, when they try to ring the number all they ever get is a recorded message.
The number is not available other than through the Council, and the Council will not give out Councillor Blobel's mobile phone number without his consent.
Councillor Blobel received 42 first preference votes (7% of total ) when he was re-elected in May 2003.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Outback Anecdotes No. 1

In the remoteness of time and location, stories often get 'buried' and only surface years later, at about the same frequency as the finding of a new opal field. And just as a new field may fizz out, so may the voracity of these stories.

Gasket materia
A young teenager lived on a remote farm. The electricity generator motor blew a head gasket. The engine stopped. The teenager was told there would be no more icecream until a new gasket could be bought to the farm, which might take a few weeks.
This was not acceptable. He liked icecream.
He noticed an old cardboard sign, quite thick, hanging on a shed wall. He asked if he could have it.
Then he took the head off the generator motor and laid the cardboard sign over the engine block and managed to trace an outline of the cylinder ports and water channels etc, then he cut the holes and laid it on the block and tightened down the head. They tried, and the motor started.
The fridge got cold again and they had icecream again.
About ten days later, boom! The last bits of the cardboard gasket burnt out and the motor stopped.
No more icecream?
Fortunately by then the new gasket had turned up.
In another situation in a remote location when a head gasket needed to be replaced and a new one would be weeks away, the bush mechanic used thick bare copper wire to make loops to fit around the openings in the block. When the head was tightened down, the copper wire squashed out to form a seal around the holes, and the motor was able to be used in the time until the new gasket turned up.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Singapore Airlines same day connection to Hong Kong


Singapore Airlines today announced the introduction of a new weekly
flight to Adelaide, connecting South Australia to the rest of the world
five times a week.

As well as increasing the number of flights, Singapore Airlines has
reviewed its Adelaide schedule to improve connections for South
Australian travellers.

The revamped and increased schedule will provide South Australian
passengers with fast, same-day connections to the business centres of
Hong Kong and New Delhi, as well as leisure destinations Bali
(Denpasar), Penang and Phuket ( the latter served by SIA subsidiary,
SilkAir). Previously travellers to these destinations required an
overnight stop in Singapore.


Takeover of Oxiana Rumour Only

Oxiana Limited Managing Director Owen L Hegarty has released a statement to the media and the Australian Stock Exchange:


In response to the rumours in today’s press concerning a potential
takeover offer for Oxiana by Xstrata, Oxiana advises that it has had no
contact from Xstrata and is not aware of an impending bid from that

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