Thursday, September 22, 2005


Use of caption "Opal Capital of the World"

The District Council of Coober Pedy approved the use of the caption "Opal Capital of the World", following a request from Kookaburra Gas & Leisure Products, importers and wholesalers of camping and outdoor products. Mr Shane Goldner, representing Kookaburra, said they want to produce a new range of shirts with a logo of Australia above the left breast pocket with an arrow pointing to Coober Pedy and declaring it to be the 'Opal Capital of the World'.
The caption is a registered business name in South Australia and was obtained some years ago when setting the tourism website

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Transitional Housing Cranked Up Again

The Coober Pedy News of Friday 16 September highlighted the report of the Mayor of Coober Pedy, Steve Baines, in which he stated,
"Coober Pedy's Transitional Housing Accommodation seems to have ground to a halt. I am informed that the matters of 24 hour policing and on-going funding need to be resolved before it can progress."
SA ABC Radio has interviewed him on that subject, and he released this statement today:
"As a result of a radio interview that I had on Friday regarding the transitional accommodation, Aboriginal Housing Authority sent Ron Newchurch and Michael O'Brien up to discuss the issues yesterday.
I met with these two gentlemen, along with CEO Trevor McLeod and Umoona CEO Forrest Holder.
It was resolved at the meeting that the Coober Pedy Transitional
Accommodation Planning and Development Committee would reform and meet again on the 11th October to further progress this project. In the interim I will meet with the Minister for Housing J Weatherill on the 4th October and discuss the issues of 24 hour policing and recurrent funding. AHA will also attempt to source draft design documentation prior to the meeting.
We are currently in the process of contacting members of the Committee to inform them of the meeting date and time."

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