Thursday, February 23, 2006


Coober Pedy, The Lands' Summer Mecca

Mayor Baines says Coober Pedy ought to be able to hoick money out of funds allocated to Lands Councils, to compensate for the services that Coober Pedy supplies every summer to Lands residents who come south and flood the town service providers with myriad requests.
Government employees working in the Lands disappear southwards to escape the summer heat as soon as the holiday season starts, leaving the Lands residents with no access to services.
Coober Pedy is the nearest town with Centrelink, hotel, bottle departments, hospital, ambulance, and of course, police. But as far as police numbers go, they are not large enough to cope with the flood of Lands residents in summer. Not even large enough to cope with the normal population, which is actually quite a bit higher than the official statistics show. Census taking in Coober Pedy has not yet got a grip on the real population.
Coober Pedy motorists have to take extra care driving along the main street in summer, because of the 'visitors' who wander every day across and along the roadway in a drunken state, completely oblivious to their hazardous situation.
You would have to have a dry sense of humour to say that Coober Pedy is a dry area.
What about when the Umoona community brings in its prohibition on alcohol consumption - local police have publicly admitted they have no idea how they are going to be able to cope with that one!


Family First visit

Family First candidate for Giles, Cheryl Kaminski, has been campaigning in her local area for the past nine months and is looking forward to the challenge.
"It’s no surprise how many people want their families to be a priority in any government decision and that’s exactly what I plan to do, put family first," Cheryl said.
She has always lived in rural South Australia. She was educated in Millicent primary, Streaky Bay Area School, Cowell Area School and completed her schooling in Eyre High School at Whyalla. Having good customer service skills she has worked in the ANZ bank for seven years. Cheryl is employed by the South Australian Education Department as a swimming instructor. She is also a life guard and swim school coordinator for Whyalla Leisure Centre. Cheryl has a strong belief in the role of families in the community. She supports the need for the family unit to be strengthened in every way possible.
Cheryl enjoys the time she spends with her own family and friends and knows that a vote for her would be a vote for families.


Tina Wakelin visit

Liberal candidate for Giles Tina Wakelin addressed the Coober Pedy Council February meeting seeking direction on how she could assist. Mayor Baines told the same story another time about the need for 24 hour policing. Mrs Wakelin said she couldn't make any promises - she can just be a lobbyist to Robert Brokenshire, former Police Minister.
Councillor Rapaic said that it wouldn't make any difference even if there were 50 police because the way the courts worked there was no deterrent to offenders. Police do their job of bringing them to court only to see magistrates let them off, and then they re-offend.
A member of the public who works in the courthouse was permitted to make a comment. She said that no sooner than a judge does his job, an officer of the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement steps in and gets a bail order granted and off goes the offender, free to do another crime.
(Family First Legislative Council Candidate Dennis Hood has said in a press release that the recent increase of salaries for Judges in South Australia can not be justified especially in light of the very poor pay levels for police and nurses in SA. He went onto to say that in light of some major mistakes in sentencing the very high salaries already paid to judges, even prior to any increase, simply could not be justified).

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Green Dugouts

The Coober Pedy News has received a request for info on 'sub surface habitation' - "Hello down there! We are searching for stories on sub surface living. It's been a practice in different, mostly dry and hot, climates through the ages. It has taken on new meaning in the age of high energy prices, and the current move towards sustainability. If you can provide any previous stories, history, articles on the underground facilities it would be wonderful. Your site was referred to us in the research on sub-terranian living."
Our dugouts are relevant in the "Green Building Revolution", with energy saving being an important factor in building design.
' is a resource for green building and sustainability articles, products, news and innovative ideas that help architects, builders, facility managers and citizens build, operate and dwell in structures that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.'

Monday, February 06, 2006


Skate Park Funding

The member for Giles, Lyn Breuer, has told Ross Sawers, Coober Pedy's Economic Development Officer, that the state government is making available $60,000 for the construction of a skate park in Coober Pedy, according to Kevin Woon, Coober Pedy's Financial Counsellor. The town will have to match the grant dollar for dollar in cash or kind.
The park will cater for children from 4 years old upwards, accommodating roller skates, skateboards and BMX bikes.

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