Tuesday, May 30, 2006



We are pleased with the response from the whole of the community regarding the petition. By now all of the petitions that were out in the community
( approximately 40 ) should have been collected or handed in, in preparation for collation. If you still have one please contact us on the numbers below and we will collect it. They will be verified for accuracy and checked for multiple signatures.

So where do we go to from here ?

There will be another community forum, and this one is aimed at the people who have to deal with the end results of alcohol, substance abuse and anti-social behaviour in our community. The forum will be a closed door "debrief" for doctors, nurses, health workers, ambulance volunteers, MAPS workers, and reception staff who work in the health sector.

The last forum in the series will be for the general community. This will be held prior to the Summit and will help to workshop the wider issues. This means we will then be focused on what the main issues are specifically for our community, and will go toward asking for help from the Government. We need to state our case clearly and objectively. We must know exactly what we want and what we need.


What is the Summit you may ask. Regular readers of the CPRTimes should already know, but we will re-cap. As you may or may not be aware Coober Pedy has had a dry area since August 1996. This means that consumption of alcohol in this zone is prohibited under Dry Area regulations. This then gives the police the power to issue fines if they catch people drinking in this area. However, the bigger problem involves people who come from the Lands where they are not allowed to drink. This steadily increasing influx of people causes major disruption to our way of life.

This behaviour is called anti-social because it is behaviour that society today sees as unacceptable, be it in the main street, down at Umoona or in people's homes. Hiding behind poor behaviour because you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances is not acceptable. Individuals are now required to be responsible for their own behaviour, and children are the direct responsibility of their parents. Being responsible for your dog or dogs is also another issue.

People behaving irresponsibly places huge strains on the local services available in Coober Pedy. For example let's look at dogs. If your dog is not desexed and wanders at large this leads to a population explosion of dogs. How many dog catchers would we need to cope with this problem? Currently the Council does not have a dedicated dog catcher, this requires additional funding and a suitably trained individual working full time.

People who gather in the dry area and drink all day cause other problems. They stagger in front of cars, they beg for money to buy alcohol and cigarettes. They abuse locals and tourists alike. They often fight and throw rocks. By gathering in front of businesses in the main street they scare away customers and people going about their daily lawful business. Some of these people are collected by the MAPS workers and driven "home". But what if they do not have a home because they do not live here? Sometimes they end up at the hospital or at health clinics. These facilities are already busy dealing with local sick people, how do they stretch their services to cater for more? How often do you see the ambulance called out to someone lying in the main street.

Parents who have children are also often irresponsible. They often don't spend money on suitable food and clothing for their children. They don't send them to school, or if children go they are often hungry or tired because their home life is unstable due to domestic violence. Again, what if they don't live here. Where do they go. Who looks after the children?

As we all know these are issues we have been hearing about for a very long time. Recently there has been a lot of attention in the media to the problems experienced in the Northern Territory and also the nearby APY Lands. We all know why people abuse alcohol, drugs and other substances such as petrol. Or at least we think we know why people do this...

The Summit is designed to look at the reasons behind such behaviour, and to help correct these issues where possible for us here in Coober Pedy.

Natalie Slovachevsky Paul Athanasiadis Katharine Micka
0418 831 094 0407 725 781

Monday, May 15, 2006


Officers and Instructors pre 1975

ALL Officers and Instructors of School Cadet Units and Town / Area Naval and Air
Cadets, of the Old pre 1975 System.
Only usable contact is by E-mail. Speed / Cost.
PLEASE contact
for material which MAY be of Advantage to you.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Oxiana Mine Access Training Program Dates

The Oxiana Mine Access Training Program allows people who have never worked in the mining industry to gain an understanding of and get some skills to enter the mining industry. It is a 15 day program and is pre-employment training. Those who successfully complete the program will be offered jobs at the Prominent Hill Project

The sorts of jobs available at Prominent Hill include mining, truck driving and drilling.

Information sessions on what the program involves and how to apply for the program will be held at:

Tuesday, 16 May in Coober Pedy at 1pm at the CDEP Shed

Wed, 17 May at Oodnadatta, at 12 noon at the Dunjiba Community Office

Thursday, 18 May at 9 am at TAFE, Coober Pedy.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


A Win at Last!

The Coober Pedy Saints Football Club won their first match since joining the Woomera and Districts Football League last year.
It was the first of this season's four home games at the Coober Pedy town oval.
They trounced Andamooka 16 - 21 to 7 - 10, doubling both the opponent's score and scoring shots.
This was after an eventful week in which AFL great Ron Barassi visited the town as part of the visit by the Oxiana mining company.
Oxiana is very likely to begin mining its Prominent Hill copper-gold deposit 120 km south of Coober Pedy in 2008 and has donated $50,000 towards the construction of a multi-purpose change-rooms at the oval, earning naming rights for five years - the oval will be called Oxiana Oval.

Ron Barassi on the Coober Pedy Area School oval with Saints' Mark Bell and schoolboys

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