Friday, January 19, 2007


Another major mining development near Coober Pedy

With Oxiana’s Prominent Hill significantly on track as ‘the world’s next best copper/gold mine’ in its plans to ‘build the next major mining house’, and Goldstream’s Cairn Hill magnetite-copper-gold project feasibility study on track for completion in about two month’s time, news of another major mining development located about half way between Prominent Hill and Cairn Hill can only be positive for Coober Pedy’s future.
The new major mining development is the Western Plains Resources Limited’s Peculiar Knob and Hawks Nest iron ore deposit.
Peculiar Knob is about 80 km SE of Coober Pedy, and 100 km E of the Adelaide-Darwin railway line.
Hawks Nest is 115 km SSE of Coober Pedy, straddles Stuart Highway and is 45 km from the railway line.
Western Plains Resources changed its name recently from Western Plains Gold, to reflect its new strategic focus.
On 19 December Executive Chairman Bob Duffin announced to the Australian Stock Exchange that the feasibility study for the development of Western Plains Resources Peculiar Knob direct shipping ore (DSO) project has commenced. The study, with a budget of some $1.6M, is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2007 with the grant of the mining lease expected later in the year.

Peculiar Knob Hill, photo courtesy of Western Plains Resources

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